July 27, 2019 - Impact Through Involvement, Membership

Members Connect Impact Austin to Opportunities, Partnerships, Funding

Member. Donor. Volunteer. Connector. You might be all of these at Impact Austin!

Every Impact Austin member has relationships, colleagues, and affiliations outside of Impact Austin.  Some of us introduce these contacts as new members.  Wonderful! But our connections might also provide links to strategic partnerships or grants or other opportunities.  Read how three members leveraged their IBM relationships to benefit Impact Austin.

IBM volunteers (follow @IBMVolunteers on Twitter) give back to their communities with hands-on volunteerism, leadership, and connection to IBM Community Grants.  This year, Becky Austen, Andi Snow-Weaver and Jessica Odeyemi submitted a team grant application for $2,000. Grant funds would be earmarked for grants management software and/or website improvements.

Part of the application process included mention of Becky’s, Andi’s and Jessica’s contributions to Impact Austin.  Reading about everything they’ve offered to our organization is just as exciting as the grant news itself!  “All three volunteers have held major leadership roles in Impact Austin’s grant programs. Rebecca Austen has been Grants Co-Chair from 2016-2019, overseeing all grant making; she is also active in the Social Innovation Grant, Strategic Partnerships, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Committee, and Strategic Planning. Andrea Snow-Weaver has been Grants Technology Co-Chair for the past two years, and has helped to lead the selection and implementation of new grants management software platforms. Jessica Odeyemi has led design and implementation of the Social Innovation Grant in 2019, a new high impact grant, whose goal is to advance equity for women and girls of color. Rebecca, Andrea and Jessica have used a range of professional skills in their work with Impact Austin, including: program design and development, project management, financial/budgeting skills, volunteer management, team leadership, technology planning and implementation, and strategic planning.”

Just this month we received the following notice from the Global IBM Volunteers Program Manager:  On behalf of IBM, I am pleased to inform you that a cash grant of $2,000 has been approved to support Impact Austin Foundation’s technology plan. This grant has been awarded in recognition of the volunteer service of Rebecca F Austen.

Becky’s, Andi’s and Jessica’s success surely gets us thinking:  What other connections and contacts might we introduce to benefit Impact Austin and to grow our community impact?

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