February 07, 2019 - Girls Giving Grants, Impact Through Involvement, Membership, Volunteering

Join Us For Amplify Austin February 28 to Support g3!

It’s only one day, but it makes an enormous impact on our community. Amplify Austin is our city’s annual 24-hour fundraising tradition that will occur February 28-March 1, 2019. Last year’s event raised $10.3 million for 700 Austin non-profit organizations, including Impact Austin. This year we are raising money for a special purpose – to provide program support to Girls Giving Grants (g3), the growing youth initiative of Impact Austin.

This year, 86 area 8th grade and high school girls will pool their resources to provide an $8,800 grant to a local nonprofit organization that improves the lives of youth in our community through a grantmaking process that relies upon cooperative giving, research, and analysis. Girls who participate develop important skills and see the impact of their involvement.

“My experience with Girls Giving Grants has been truly transformative,” says g3 President Haley Justiz. “g3 has helped me develop as a leader and has provided me with important business and communication skills. g3 has also instilled in me a deep desire to serve my community. I feel tremendous pride and a great sense of accomplishment in the grants that g3 has awarded to impact the community. Serving g3 as president has been an honor.”

In 2018, g3 donated $8,200 to Foster Angels of Central Texas, which partners with Child Protective Services and other area nonprofits to identify needs of foster children and quickly provide whatever’s needed to ensure loving, childhood experiences.

“g3 is important to changing the face of giving,” says Sue Breland, g3 co-chair. “Currently, most philanthropy is represented by older people. Young people don't think they can be involved since their funds early in life are limited. However, through giving circles like g3, young people can learn how they can join together to really make a difference in their communities and to causes they care about.”

January and February are busy months for these young philanthropists. They have attended a community needs awareness session and have been trained on how to evaluate grant applications, how to be an effective public speaker, and how to create an effective visual presentation. The g3 girls have selected seven semi-finalists from the 42 applicants. Each of the seven Application Review Committees will create a presentation on their selected semifinalist and present it to the larger group on February 10. At the end of the meeting, the girls will vote and two finalists will emerge. The girls will go on site visits to those two nonprofits in April and then at the end of April, the girls will vote on the single grant recipient.

As you can see from our interview with last year’s g3 president, Akshara Anand, these girls are already making an impact in our community and they represent our future generation of philanthropists! 

Currently, Impact Austin uses member contributions to provide administrative program support for g3. We’re challenging our community to raise $7,500 through Amplify Austin 2019 to fund g3 scholarships for girls who might otherwise be unable to participate, along with supporting g3’s general operations, including grants administration software and educational materials.

Here’s how you can help us maximize our Amplify Austin efforts:

1. Post the link to our Amplify Austin giving page on your social media accounts – or even easier, make sure you are following Impact Austin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and like and share our posts! Make sure to tag us or use the hashtag #joinimpactaustin!

2. Send an email to your family, friends, and coworkers who you think might be interested in helping g3 members make a positive difference for Austin’s Youth. Include our shortened link to the donation page: https://bit.ly/2BxVsL5

3. Make a donation yourself!

Thank you for helping us meet our Amplify Austin fundraising goals and improve the community we all love.

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