Our strategic plan calls for even greater impact while honoring our heritage and the efforts of our many dedicated, passionate Impact Austin members.

Since 2003 Impact Austin has changed and evolved to meet the needs of our members, our organization, and the communities we serve. Consider how our grantmaking process has adapted, expanding and combining categories to accommodate community partners’ needs. The launch of the Catalyst Grant is a specific example. We also formed Girls Giving Grants to provide the opportunity for young women to learn about philanthropy. Our relatively new Zones initiative fosters connections among members. And the Rebecca Warren Powers Endowment for Impact Austin was established to ensure the permanence of our organization. We do not sit still!

We have the opportunity to evolve again, answering our members’ calls for greater impact in the community and in their own philanthropic journeys. To that end, Impact Austin has undertaken a 15-month “Visioning” process to craft Impact Austin’s new three-year Strategic Plan. Stakeholders in the process included the Board of Directors, other members, nonprofit partners, community leaders and a third-party consultant, who provided unbiased facilitation and feedback.

An evolving Impact Austin will benefit members in many ways:

  • Even greater impact on community partners
  • Educational and programming support for each member’s philanthropic journey and leadership development
  • More diverse membership and opportunities to connect with women from many backgrounds
  • Clearer opportunities to apply talents throughout Impact Austin’s programs and structure
  • New ways to support and sponsor other women in Impact Austin

Our visioning process led to an updated Vision, Mission, and Values for our organization:


We unlock the potential of our communities when we help women achieve their full philanthropic capacity.


We cultivate the collective wisdom and strength of women to transform ourselves and our communities through philanthropy.


Collaboration and Inclusivity

  • We believe we are stronger together than we are alone.
  • We intentionally seek out new perspectives, respecting all voices.
  • We welcome any woman, wherever she is on her philanthropic journey.​


  • We balance empathy with analytics to address our communities’ needs.
  • We educate our members and communities on issues and solutions for tackling them.
  • We view failures as an opportunity for improvement.


  • We embrace our role as leaders for collective giving groups.
  • We take calculated risks, embracing ideas that push us to grow.


  • We transform our communities with funding, time and expertise.
  • We challenge ourselves to address underlying, systemic issues.
  • We entrust future generations with everything we build to continue our work on their terms.


  • We honor our commitments to our members and our communities.
  • We set clear goals and align our resources appropriately, striving for continuous improvement.
  • We judge our success based on our alignment with our core beliefs.