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It’s Coffee Season... Join Us!

Impact Austin 'coffees' are informal gatherings for women to learn about our organization and community impact. We’d love to share our mission with you.

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A coffee date is a friendly event that helps you learn if Impact Austin is a good fit for you. Find out more about our coffees HERE or choose one to attend now.

Coffees are hosted by Impact Austin members and start at 7:00pm. Contact Rebecca Powers for detailed location.

News & Events


Impact Austin announces $400,000 in Program and Catalyst grants; submissions open 11/12, due 12/12.  Grant Review Committee (GRC) registration now open to members, closes 12/17.

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Impact Austin will award $400,000 in Program and Catalyst Grants in June 2019. Applications open 11/12, and more information is available HERE. Note that eligibility for the Catalyst Grant has been broadened in response to community needs. Applications are due by 12/12 at 5:00 PM.

Grant Review Committee (GRC) participation is open to all members. There are four GRCs with approximately 25 members each. GRCs have four in-person meetings, three online trainings, three site visits, and individual research, subcommittee review and report writing. Total time commitment ranges from 25-40 hours from January through May 2019.

If you did not serve on a GRC last year, click HERE to create your Impact Austin profile in Apricot (our grants management system).  After creating your profile, you will be returned to the Apricot login page. You MUST log back into Apricot and follow the instructions to record your Conflicts of Interest and committee preferences.

If you were a member of a GRC last year, click HERE to log into Apricot and follow the instructions to review and update your Impact Austin profile, Conflicts of Interest and committee preferences.

Please note Apricot works best with Chrome. Early registration gives you a better chance of being assigned to your first choice and sign-up for all committees will close on December 17th. If you have any questions about grant review committees, please contact